Member of staff in The Body Shop

Pasta Bingo is a Body Shop hit during lockdown

So, what do you do when the country goes into lockdown and you can’t see your work colleagues?   Set up a game of online pasta bingo and undertake a marathon storytelling session of course!

When the country shut down in March, staff at The Body Shop in EK decided to get creative to keep moral up and generate a smile or two in the process.  There was only one problem, organiser Hazel McIntosh didn’t have any bingo balls. 

Undeterred Hazel took to her kitchen cupboards, pulled out a box of penne and set to work writing numbers on each piece of pasta. The pasta bingo was such a hit that it became a regular part of Body Shop lockdown Zoom calls. 

Not content with shouts of ‘House!’ Hazel then expanded her online services with a marathon storytelling session.  Over the past few months Hazel has taken to social media to narrate 43 stories, bringing a smile to the faces of kids and adults across the town and beyond.  

Nice one Hazel!